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This Primer on the new digital darkroom is provided on this blog to arm new DSLR photographers with the fundamental knowledge needed to become familiar with the evolving digital technologies and be able to apply them to their emerging interest in the photographic art. To read this Primer in logical order, please begin with the oldest post and read to the most current. Click HERE for Table of Contents.

Along the way, you'll find, photography tips, photography techniques and an ample dose of solid photo basics to help you feel comfortable in your digital darkroom.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So What's This All About?

Hub's iDarkroom
is intended to be a safe haven for those beginning their photographic digital darkroom experience. You are entering a totally unique world. Whether your goal is to eventually pursue photography as a career, as a personal hobby or a creative outlet, the photographic community membership contains a cross section of virtually every culture, sex, religion, occupation, and interests. This diversity is seen in the wealth of innovative and expressive images captured everyday.

Regardless of each individual's photographic aspirations, the community shares at least one common goal: to make that perfect print. Making a print that matches what you saw, or what you thought you saw, is work. It's true that the digital darkroom gives us more flexibility and a whole new toolkit. However, it doesn't eliminate work or the need for understanding. The more a photographer understands and the harder he/she works at the craft the more rewarding each final picture becomes.

That's the end of my soapboxing.

I congratulate you on taking the step to expand your digital photography expertise to include the digital darkroom (computer image editing, printing and finishing). Photography and the digital darkroom are my passions, and I look forward to sharing the "goods and bads" that I've learned throughout my career.

This digital darkroom series of discussions will start with the most complex but most fundamental topic associated with digital imaging success -- Color Management. It's a hot topic at any gathering of photographers. It's also the single issue that is guaranteed to stop you dead in your creative tracks unless you take the time to learn the basics. My next post will begin this topic to lay a solid foundation for success in your own iDarkoom.

A final note: I am not promoting any company or product. I have worked at Hewlett Packard, but I will not try to influence your printer or computer selection. (I'm a Mac person anyway.) I have been the Director of the Time-Life Photo Lab at Time Inc., but I will not ask you to subscribe to Sports Illustrated. And, I have been Photo and Graphic Arts Director at Caterpillar Inc., but I will not try to sell you a D10 bulldozer. If I make mention of a product, it is an attempt to make a point using a product that is an industry standard (i.e. Adobe's Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.) or that I have the most experience using (in many cases HP pro photo printers). Wherever possible, I will balance my explanation with instructions for competing products. My content is free for your personal use and photographic understanding.

If you have just purchased your first DSLR, you might want to check my other photo-centric blog, Hubbard's Camera, at www.hubbardcamera.com. This site is also targeted towards anyone beginning their photographic adventure.

NEXT UP: Color Management in the iDarkroom Age

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