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Monday, March 16, 2009

Part 22 - Preserving Your Digital Image Files

It has been said that today's digital image files may have a shorter life expectancy than traditional film due to the limitations of digital storage technology. For example, the negatives from the black & white or color film your dad took of you as a child will probably out live the CD you just created for back up. As you become more accomplished in photography and the iDarkroom, the inevitable result will be an ever increasing number of priceless files that make up your personal collection. To you and your family, these files are irreplaceable.

There is an organization that provides the public with the latest information in storage technology. The International Imaging Industry Association, I3A, is the leading imaging industry trade association. Its members are experts in setting standards, providing education, and supporting safe environmental practices for the photographic and mobile imaging markets. The goal of I3A is to find common ground for advancing the industry, and to enable better products and services for its customers.

On the I3A's educational website, SaveMyMemories.org, a step-by-step guide for archiving digital files using the latest available options is provided to the public. Bookmark this site. Use the information they provide to help you choose the best possible back up methodology to store your irreplaceable creative and family image files.

Then, from time to time, check back in to see what new long-term data storage technologies, products and recommendations have been introduced that might further increase the life expectancy of your images.